LookAfter is a counseling/support service for Chinese international students in the US. I was hired to manage and grow their social media followings. I hired two other freelancers to help meet the goals for this project.

I manage my team in an effort to meet LookAfter’s growth and visibility goals.We began this project by focusing on in-depth research into the niche market and our varying audience segments. We developed visual, voice, and content strategies to align with goals.
Our strategy is continuously changing as we move forward. We have different strategies for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram depending on a number of factors – including what audience is on each platform and how each platform operates.

Key Results:

  • Growth – Within the first 1.5 months we built up their social media followings from scratch, and increased their followers on these channels by about 300 with high engagement and high-quality followers, through entirely organic methods.
  • Visibility – We additionally help with other marketing strategies and content development, such as emails and web copy. We help with outreach strategies by writing emails, letters, and engaging in social media groups to increase visibility. Our efforts have attracted followers that consistently engage with and share our informative content.
  • Lead generation – Our efforts have put us in contact with a number of potential clients and have allowed us to connect further with cool leads.