I lead a team that manages the social media efforts of this golf startup during their prelaunch. I developed their social media branding and content strategy to align with current market trends and an analysis of their segmented audience. This included a breakdown of visual branding, voice, and segmented content ideas aimed at meeting all current market needs to connect to audiences and increase visibility. We continuously work on strategies to increase engagement and followers.


Key Results:

  • Instagram growth – The primary focus of our efforts has and is increasing CoursePass’s Instagram audience. Our efforts have built up the account to 600+ followers through almost entirely organic methods, in addition to running a few contests and promoted posts.
  • High engagement rates – With a focus on attracting high-quality followers, we have used content strategies that connect and engage followers. We have loyal fans who continuously like and comment on each post as a result of our deep market research. We also utilize the power of Instagram stories to connect with our audience and keep them engaged.
  • Cohesive content strategy – Based on market research intended to penetrate each audience segment, we successfully developed a content strategy to align with CoursePass’s social media branding that we defined.